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Ignoring the success of online dating sites in this technology boom

The growth of online dating sites has been phenomenal to say the least in the last decade with a handful of household names occupying the niche top positions. However, the same cannot be said of these sites keeping abreast with technology which is free adult video crucial to meeting the demands of users. The situation is become more critical as we head towards a new wave of computing brought on by Steve Jobs who introduced the world of tablet computing a few years ago. This simple device has changed the way everyone does computing. No adult tube sites longer can we call it computing, any user who is non-techie or otherwise can now use the finger touch tablets to accomplish amazing tasks. This in essence is the ultimate use of any devices, a device where you forget that you are using a device after all. However, this magic of computer and technical power has yet to make its mark on online dating sites.

There are many reasons why online dating sites have lagged behind and this has very much to do with the separation of marketing and technology. Let me explain. We all know that marketing is inseparable and essential to the success of any business be it online or a bricks and mortar company. We also know that great products do not make it into the mainstream and in fact many of us know that bad products can come onto the scene in a big way. The explanation for this hinges on the marketing behind the product. Although the product is not all that great, the marketing however was great and the product is available to the masses. Essentially, the online dating sites operated on this model.Download from © Dreamstime.com

The primary aim of many dating sites at the early stages of their growth was principally the acquisition of as many members to their website as possible. Many tackled this issue in various ways with some acquiring huge seed funding to get a boost while others deployed the search engine optimization to get high rankings and indirectly get many members. It was unimportant at that time to concern about the technical quality and levels of the site since many users were also becoming familiar with this new technology and had little to compare with other sites. Even if users were critical about the sites poor user interface or lack of functionality they knew that the large member base could easily offset any negative views about the website.

As a result of this, a adult tube few dating sites grew to phenomenal levels and many claiming millions of users with users on the site at any time in the hundreds of thousands. This only fueled the growth of dating sites and the revenue from subscriptions based sites were in the millions growing from year to year. The free model dating sites relied on the revenue from advertisers and with millions of impressions and thousands of clicks provided a very healthy revenue to these dating sites but maybe not to the scale of subscriptions based dating sites.

When websites enjoy such kind of monopoly with very few contenders to oust them from their top positions, the technical requirements of the site does not become a primary concern of the company. This of course does not preclude the technical requirements of providing a site that should always remain accessible to a user and provide at least the basic functionalities for users to find their potential dates. It would be at the company’s detriment, if they did not have this high level of service since downtime is directly proportional to the revenue.

Despite this tunnel vision view of only being concerned with the bottom line, there have been a few more advances in the last year of dating sites providing a rich level of service to take advantage of the improved technologies available today. This includes advances in HTML, richer user interfaces, new devices and massive growth of other operating systems such as the Android by Google. One cannot ignore the leaps and bounds that are being made in these areas since its collecting a whole wave of users to new devices and platforms. It’s often true to say where users flock to, businesses are right behind their tails. Take the example of facebook which is almost touching the 1 billion user mark *(1), a whopping 14% of the entire world population. It’s no wonder many businesses are clambering behind this company.

Today more users are becoming more savvy with technical devices than ever before thanks mainly to Steve Jobs of Apple with the introduction of highly versatile touch control devices. As more people flock to these types of devices there is an increased need for traditional sites such as online dating sites to offer users access to their sites seamlessly through these devices. Dating sites cannot rest on their laurels of being power kings of the web as they have been for over a decade. Technology is moving at a phenomenal pace and users are migrating there in huge numbers and businesses also need to move in pace to keep a continued successful online presence.

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