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Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back? Don' t Have Sex With Your Ex!' /> Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back? Don't Have Sex With Your Ex!

Going through adult tube a separation is difficult on both sides. It is so tempting to call your ex up and just have casual sex. After all, you know each other. You know your partner is safe. Plus, you've heard that 'separation sex' is really great! And sometimes there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned roll in the hay! While it is tempting to accept your ex back for casual sex, it is not advised! You are setting yourself up for disaster!


There are times when sex is just that, sex. Are you really prepared to have casual sex with your partner, only to watch him or her develop a relationship with someone else? I didn't think so. Sex can be a great physical outlet. But you must remember this is someone you care or cared deeply about. Providing sex only allows him or her the opportunity to 'safely' shop around! And in the end, where does that leave you? You will have cheapened the sexual relationship while your partner continues to receive sex without commitment.


Would you be prepared to allow your lover to leave you when he or she does find someone new? Now you have managed to complicate your life further through continuing a sexual relationship. What will you do if your partner does declare the relationship really is over? You are only setting yourself up for more heartache and disappointment, a relationship built on the physical alone will not last!


Would you really want to have a relationship with someone interested only in sex? Avoid using sex as a tool to keep your partner interested! Sex should be not only a physical bond between the two of you, but an emotional one as well! Sex should only be one aspect of a relationship and a small one at that! Your relationship should be built on mutual respect. How can you respect your ex or yourself when you know you are only using sex as a way to keep your partner close-by?

You are only setting yourself up for even more emotional wreck and trauma should your partner decide to end the relationship once and for all. Should you decide to keep the relationship sexual, you will grow to regret this decision bitterly. Sex should be an enjoyable part of an adult relationship, don't belittle this aspect of a relationship my making sex casual!
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