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6 Tips To Have Great Sex And Avoid The Same Old Bedroom Routine

1. Keep It Fresh - Sometimes couples get stuck in the habit of repeating same sex routine they learned when they first got together. It worked and it was exciting at first, but now it's old and now you need tips for sex to get better. To have great sex you need to be comfortable to talk to your partner and together find out tips for sex, what each would like to do or what needs are not met.

2. Rediscover Each Other's Body - Take the time to rediscover each other. Set the stage so you won't be disturbed: candles, music, maybe even some finger food. Then each take turns slowly exploring each other's body, touching, licking, taunting. And the person being touched needs to say what feels good and what doesn't. Make it fun and exciting so you can have great sex.

3. Have Fun And Play - There are lots of books and websites that offer games and "toys" that can spice up your lust for each other. This is one of those tips for sex that intimidates people, but games can make you try new things which will keep sex exciting and new. Be open minded and try new things. You never know what new thing you will discover.

4. Watch And Listen - It is so important to watch and listen to your partner as they react to different stimulation. Did they moan here or there? Did their hips start to move when you did that? To have great sex pay attention and make mental notes to yourself. If you are getting a positive reaction to something, do it again! But adult tube don't forget to keep exploring for new things.

5. Don't Lose Yourself In We - Just because you are married or in a committed relationship doesn't mean you stop doing all the things that are important to you. And it does not mean you have to do everything together. Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but it can make you and your partner more interesting and exciting to each other. You fell in love with the things you had in common and the things that were different.

This also gives each of you time to grow outside the relationship. So yes, find things you like to do together, but it is good to pursue individual interests as well. Find the balance between these two.

6. Looks DO Count - Listen up, this is an important tip for sex. To have great sex you must be sure you are taking care of your body: eating right, working out (even if it is just walking), showering, shaving, grooming. This means both of you! And dress sexy; again this means both of you. When you were dating, you tried to adult movies put on your best appearance. Don't forget to do that now. Part of sex is the physical attraction, so make sure you both look your best.
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